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  • Allysa Jordan

Isn't it Ironic?

I constantly think about how flawed our justice system is. How did it get to this point? How did it end up so broken, so backwards? Its almost like the system is set up for failure. Then I realized. The system isn't broken at all. It didn't get to this point, It started out like this. It works exactly as it is intended to. How fucked up is that? Thats the only way it makes sense. Mass incarceration is a billion dollar a year industry and its made off of the backs of our loved ones in prison and their families.

The way in which we imprison people in America is the most cruel and inhuman thing that one human can do to the other. I am appalled that humanity is so far gone that this is how we treat our fellow human being and we dont even recognize that it is wrong. We cannot fix the "system", nor can we change it. Man has to remember what it means to be human. The Prison Industry is the perfect example of what Man without humanity is.

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