~ Our Story ~

Hi ~

I'm Allysa and this is my brother Nathan. We're excited to finally be putting our story out for the public to hear.

Our goal is to have as many people as possible hear our story and learn how what happened to my brother was a terrible miscarriage of justice. He was lost to and failed by the very system that should have been protecting him.  He was unjustly over sentenced as a teenager, locked up and forgotten about. They used him as an example.


With no family to step in and no support ~ no money and no lawyer, he had no chance.  It has been a hard life and our story is filled with unbelievable circumstances, unimaginable pain and enough heartache to last a lifetime, but mixed in with what was copious amounts of love, loyalty, family and a hope so unshakable it might just lead to a miracle.


Every listen, like, share, signature and donation gets us that much closer to securing our goal ~ Nathan's freedom!  It is not a matter of if.  It simply has to be a matter of when!


We can't do this without your support ~~~

Thank you for tuning in!

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